Workshops: Half-Day Learning Sessions


Transform yourself. Expand your leadership.

This workshop uses the Leadership Circle Profile framework as a basis for participants to consider their own leadership. The session will:

  • Outline a leadership development framework to help you understand how you currently lead, become aware of blind spots, and discover your unique developmental edge that will empower you to scale your business
  • Introduce you to a transformational model that captures effective leadership competencies, from an individual, team and organizational level
  • Reveal to you that leading yourself is the most important skill in becoming an effective leader


Empower your team to develop, grow and become accountable.

This half-day session introduces participants to coaching: what it is, how it works, and why it creates an environment of support, collaboration, excellence and innovation. Our coaching workshop covers topics such as:

  • The definition of coaching—what it is and what it is not
  • Understanding the difference between mentoring, managing and coaching
  • The three types of coaching—transactional, developmental, transformational
  • The Case for Coaching—its impact on individuals, teams and organizations
  • How to support your peers (coach-leader, peer coaching, book club)
  • How to prepare a coaching development plan

Our learning session also includes an introduction to Coaching Out of the Box™: 5/5/5 Coaching Program, as well as a coaching demonstration.

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