Harmony’s Signature Transformational Leadership
This transformational coaching and leadership development program comprises a six- to 12-month+ journey. We will emphasize moving from an identity that no longer serves you, to building personal foundational capacity, developing new competencies, making long-term behavioural changes, and expanding on what your self, team and business are today, empowering you to actualize leadership potential, establish high-trust relationships and achieve significant results.

Coaching to Develop a Specific Leadership Competency
We incorporate coaching in this program to focus on a challenge or specific goals you want to address. This option is ideal if you’re looking to do any of the following: engage in pivotal conversations; develop strategic ability; increase interpersonal intelligence; build leadership presence; improve trust; lead through change; unify your team around a strategic focus; view work from a system perspective.

Half Day or Full Day Intensive Coaching Session
This package is for urgent, significant or time-sensitive challenges that require extreme focus, new perspectives and accountability for decisive action. Typically, you would choose this option if you:

  • Require a Leadership Coaching Tune-Up (after completing Harmony’s Transformational Leadership Development Program)
  • Are promoting a new vision for the direction of your business
  • Want to start a new business line and need clarity on the vision, approach, market 
and offers
  • Are dealing with a difficult employee and need techniques to maintain composure and 
communicate effectively
  • Are overextended and need to quickly clarify priorities, let go of non-essentials, find alternatives 
to ineffective solutions, and implement ways to regroup in the midst of a difficult time
  • Feel stressed or burnt out and want to integrate new practices that build resiliency, 
generate new optimism, clarify your personal values, and maintain your health and well 
being, regardless of the situation
  • Spend too much time and energy on things you cannot control, and need to quickly clarify where to focus for greatest impact, and how to articulate and plan for your desired outcome


Leadership Development Program
We’ll work with you to co-create a customized leadership development program based on your unique goals and the business challenges you are currently facing, as well as their strategic objectives.

Becoming a Coach-Leader
As a trainer-coach, we will support you to bring a coaching mindset to your leadership, and will coach you to build leadership development plans for your team. Next, we’ll move into action learning by supervising you over a six- to 12-month period as you coach each of your team members.

Coaching Circles
As a facilitator-coach, we will guide a small group of people (typically 5 or 6) to support a colleague in exploring a difficult issue or moving an important project forward—through a coach approach as opposed to giving advice.

Skills Training

Coaching is a core leadership skill. It is also the cornerstone of all successful relationships—in business and at home. The work you do with Harmony will have a profound impact on every aspect of your life because it relates to fundamental skills, such as listening to understand, and asking powerful questions. When you embrace and practice those skills, you become a better leader, and also a better colleague, parent and friend.

Coaching Skills

Harmony offers a Coaching Skills training program as a specialty service for clients who have already used our individual or team coaching services. This program provides key leaders and managers with the tools they need to build effective leadership and relationship competencies in their organizations by teaching others how to become coach leaders. In essence, we will empower you to infuse coaching into your corporate culture, building a climate that will maximize individual and team performance, communication, relationships and personal leadership.

Over a six- to 12-month period, Harmony will deliver group and individual coaching skills training that is highly personalized to each clients’ needs. The program involves:

  • A two-day Coaching Out of the Box™ workshop, which follows the 5/5/5 framework for successful coaching—5 Guiding Principles for successful coaching, 5 Step Coaching Exchange Process and 5 Core Coaching Skills
  • Peer coaching and Certified Executive Coach auditing
  • Ongoing learning sessions, organically developed based on the needs of each participant
  • Monthly reports to assess progress and identify program modifications as required
  • Individual leadership coaching sessions, helping to support each leader in further developing their coaching skills and coaching style, while supporting, brainstorming and strategizing specific leadership growth opportunities for that individual
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